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The Date Code 'CA1929' is read as December, 1999 from Spain. This coding format lasted through 2006, when Louis Vuitton changed their Date Codes again. Starting in 2007, Louis Vuitton updated their Date Codes to indicate the week of manufacturing, instead of the month. Thanks for watching. Pls. subscribe if you want to see more future video ...read more


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2/26/2020 · The Louis Vuitton date code has been added to each bag since the early 1980s. However, this is not to say that any bags prior to this time are not authentic, they are just that much harder to authenticate and require an expert opinion. Here you will discover what these codes are, why they exist, and how to decipher them. ...read more


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Searching for LOUIS VUITTON CARD HOLDER DATE CODE SP0142? We’ve got Louis Vuitton accessories starting at $105 and plenty of other accessories. Shop our selection of Louis Vuitton today! ...read more


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6/11/2016 · If you're planning on selling or consigning to reputable companies such as FP or Yoogi's then the date code isn't entirely necessary since each has their own professional authenticators; they will scrutinize the bag from top to bottom and look for certain things that, … ...read more


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Gucci ...read more


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11/13/2017 · Date Code Timeline. Early 1980s and Before: No Date Codes. Louis Vuitton did not use date codes before the early 1980s. Early to Mid 1980s Date Codes: Three or Four Digits. The first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month. Mid to Late 1980s Date Codes: Three or Four Digits with Two Letters ...read more


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Date codes have changed over the years and typically include both a factory location and a month/year or week/year combination for when the bag was made. Date Codes. Before 1982 Louis Vuitton did not use date codes prior to 1982. 1982 – Mid 1980s Louis Vuitton began utilizing 3- or 4-digit codes to show the year and month in which the product was made. ...read more


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6 rows · 11/17/2017 · What is the Meaning of a Date Code on a Louis Vuitton. The date code on a Louis Vuitton ...read more



Here is a quick reference guide to Louis Vuitton date codes. Early 1980's: Three numbers with the first two numbers representing the year and the last number(s) representing the month. For instance, the date code of a bag made in May of 1982 would read "825". ...read more


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Louis Vuitton Date Code Search. Enter Date Code: Find Reset. Date Code Origin: Louis Vuitton Date Code Image from LouisVuitton.com *Country code web application should recover the majority of date codes you will encounter on Louis Vuitton products. Louis ...read more


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LOUIS VUITTON Official Website: Choose your country or region, pick-up your language and find the right version for you ...read more


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5/20/2015 · For example, the model code for all Alexandras are M60047 which is stated on your receipt, whereas a date code is printed on the bag itself. That’s the end of today’s lesson, hope you had fun deciphering your bag’s date codes and don’t forget to subscribe, share, like or comment of this post to show your support. ...read more


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Get the best deals on louis vuitton date codes and save up to 70% off at Poshmark now! Whatever you're shopping for, we've got it. ...read more


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6/19/2010 · Louis Vuitton missing date code. Thread starter love_LV; Start date Oct 19, 2008; Forums. Premier Designers. Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton Reference Library. Date Codes. louis Vuitton vintage bag Stamp louis vuitton Votes: 2 100.0% vintega Votes: 1 ...read more


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Louis Vuitton ...read more


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12/27/2018 · Louis Vuitton Factory Location Codes: 1- France A0, A1, A2, AA, AAS (Special Order), AH, AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, BU, DR, DU, DR, DT, CO, CT, CX, ET, FL, LW, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, SA, SD, SF, SL, SN, SP, SR, TA, TJ, TH, TN, TR, TS, VI, VX. 2- Germany LP, OL. 3- Italy BC, BO, CE, FO, MA, NZ, OB, PL, RC, RE, SA, TD. 4-Spain BC, CA, LO, LB, LM, LW, GI, UB. 5-Switzerland ...read more


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